Susan Marcaccini

Susan has been practicing yoga for over 16 years. Her love of yoga inspired her travel to Varanasi, India in 2003 to study with her laughing Guru, Sunil. Four months of teacher training and she returned to Windsor to share this experience and her love of yoga as a certified yoga teacher. Gina Wasserlein gave Susan her start and she has been teaching here ever since.

She has a wide variety of influences from many styles and schools of yoga. Iyengar, Bihar, Sivananda and Ashtanga being just a few. No two classes are ever the same and all Susan's classes are easily available to all levels of students, beginner to advanced.

Susan's long battle with Crohn's disease and many surgeries make her a compassionate, understanding and very adaptable teacher. Yoga has helped her through many dark, challenging times in her life and it can help you do the same.

Come and try her classes, you are sure to enjoy her soothing voice, well explained, sometimes challenging asanas (poses) and juicy shavasana (final resting pose). You will not be disappointed! She has a very loyal group of students here at Downtown Yoga. Come see what she has to offer you.

Why I love Downtown Yoga!

Downtown yoga is inclusive. Everyone is welcome here and that is why I love this space so much. I both teach and practice here. It is my home, filled with many wonderful people who create a community like no other. Let Downtown yoga be your home away from home. Let it help teach you patience, perseverance, compassion and above all love and acceptance. Love of yourself, the world and everyone in it. It is unique and special, I feel truly blessed to be a part of it and I hope to be here many years to come.

Class descriptions

Susan teaches four classes currently.

Wednesday 12-1:15pm

This class is a true all levels practice. It varies week to week. Emphasis on breathing and alignment are stressed and a full 10 minute shavasana is included. Students who need to leave early to go back to work are still encouraged to come and are given notice if needed of when to take rest. All students welcome.

Friday 4:15-5:30pm

This is a basic beginner class suitable for anyone, even advanced students, but directed geared to new students. The yogic breath is broken down and very thoroughly explained. Postures are kept fairly basic, safe entry and exits of poses are discussed, demonstrated and individualized for all students based on their needs. No previous yoga experience required.

Friday 5:45-7pm

This is Susan's most challenging class of the week, designed to release built up stress and tension from the preceding week. Poses are held longer and are often more challenging. Heat is created internally through breath and movement to aid in detoxification and release stress. Inversions are always a part of this class and vary week to week. Previous yoga experience is definitely recommended for this class.

Saturday 4-5:30pm

As this is a full length class all areas of yoga can be touched on and revisited regularly. Pranayama (breath work) and a full length shavasana (resting final pose) are an integral part of this class. All eight limbs of the yoga path are included and explained to give students a broader range of yoga knowledge. Suitable for all levels.

As Susan is a certified Laughter Yoga Leaded laughter is often a part of her classes. Come try a class today!