Michael Meraw

I was introduced to Yoga 40 years ago at the age of 23. I really enjoyed the experience but didn't keep at it. 14 years ago I came to see Gina after falling off of a Road bike and at that time started doing Yoga on a regular basis initially to repair my shoulder and body. She encouraged me to take teacher training with Jonny Kest after about a year which I did twice at the 200 hr.level and I also did workshops with Bryan Kest and other really good teachers.

I like the fact that Yoga covers all 5 aspects of fitness ...muscle strength, muscle endurance, cardio, flexibility and balance and that it's also very challenging. We basically live our life sitting, standing and sleeping year after year and Yoga helps us to strengthen and maintain our transitions from sitting, standing and sleeping as smoothly and effortlessly as possible and as long as possible as we all age. Of course awareness of the breath and what we are thinking takes the practice to a deeper level...

I love the Downtown Yoga Studio because it's a family run business that cares about the well being of each of its members and teachers. I am comfortable endorsing the studio to anyone I know and continue to look forward to growing with its members year after year.

My classes currently are:

a) beginner Ashtanga and/or

b) Better Backs slow flow - designed to promote sensitivity and awareness thru the doorways of the breath and simple asanas that anyone can do...students are encouraged to participate with their eyes shut...as an added challenge!!!Great way to finish off a weekend on a Sunday night at 6:00 PM.