Kyle Glassford
I have been practicing yoga at Downtown Yoga Studio for 11 years, the staff and students have become like a family, always encouraging and helpful while allowing me to find my own way along the path. I love seeing everyone who comes here grow in his or her direction and at their own pace. With the encouragement and support of everyone at Downtown Yoga I have accomplished what 11 years ago I thought was impossible I found myself.

Better Backs Yoga
In this class I focus on increasing the strength of all the muscles in the core (from your knees to your nose) responsible for stability and posture, increasing flexibility and movement of the spine, hips and shoulders, while using the inner awareness and mindfulness that yoga provides to teach students to recognize and correct habits that cause unnecessary tension and pain both on and off the mat.

Hot Power Yoga
In this hot, fast paced and fun class for more experienced students I focus on strength, flexibility, stamina, cardiovascular and respiratory health, as well as cultivating awareness of the various mental/emotional states and changes that take place during the daily activities of our lives, so students can learn to recognize negative habit patterns and gain the skills to just breathe and let go.
Note “experienced” does not mean you have to be able to do handstands and headstands. Just that knowledge of the basic postures and how to practice them safely and with minimal instruction is required.