Josee Jarry

Josée Jarry, RYT­200

Josée started her yoga training in March 2013 during an Ashtanga yoga retreat lead by David Robson in Purple Valley, India. She initiated a daily Ashtanga practice thereafter and advanced her training with a 100­hour Ashtanga Intensive with David, offered as a teacher training module through Yoga Mala, Regina. During this training, learned the phylosophy of Sahtanga yoga, anddeepened her mastery of the Primary Series poses and how to safely teach it. She also completed a one­ week Ashtanga yoga adjustment clinic with David out of his Toronto studio, the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto, during which she further advanced her knowledge of the teaching of Ashtanga yoga. Additional Ashtanga training include two five­day retreats in Wolfe Island with David, and numerous workshops offered by David, Daylene Christensen, and Kino McGregor. She also trained in Sattva yoga during a practice and meditation retreat with Rameen Peyrow in Ubud, Bali, and through a workshop with his brother Afsheen Peyrow at Yoga Mala in Regina.

Finally, she spent the month of December 2015 in Mysore, India, training in Ashtanga yoga with Sharath Jois, where she also was assisted by her teacher David. Josée completed her 200­hour teacher training under Gina Wasserlein’s supervision at Downtown Yoga Studio in Windsor and is presently initiating a 300 hour teacher training, again under Gina’s supervision.

Downtown yoga

I started practicing at Downtown Yoga in the summer of 2014. I immediately loved the space: the studio is spacious, clad by large windows with one set fully oriented toward the east rising sun, which we are to face in Ashtanga practice. Since starting at Downtown Yoga, I have been impressed by the quick development of the Ashtanga programme. I have found a home where I can practice Mysore style every morning, with like­minded people. Gina’s help has been
invaluable to advance my practice. She has a gentle way of challenging students to do what they fear most. The mutually helpful and supportive stance of fellow practitioners also is wonderful.

Teaching at Downtown Yoga also is a true pleasure for me. I have great respect for people’s effort, willingness and courage to develop beyond what they thought possible.

Class description

Ashtanga Yoga is a vigorous practice aimed at the development of a meditative state through the performance of physical poses. In the Introduction to Ashtanga classes, students learn and practice the first half of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series. In this class, students are taught the safe practice of the poses and their transition. The class is for students of all levels as everyone is encouraged to practice at their own edge, take breaks, and use modifications as needed.