Jaclyn DiPasquale

In 2010 at 15 years old, Jaclyn had unrolled her mat for the first time at her local studio. She had spent her summer enjoying and getting to know the classes, but couldn’t stay committed at the time. When she returned a short year later, Jaclyn had found even more than what she came for. Taking multiple classes at the studio per day, researching and practicing at home, she had quickly fallen in love with the practice. With years of an athletic background, the physical Asana practice came easily to her, but it was the spiritual mental connection that she felt devoted to. Dealing with depression and anxiety thorough her teenage years was what brought her onto her mat as a student; but it was the relief she felt that inspired her to become a teacher. When Jaclyn had met Downtown Yoga Studio owner Gina Wasserline at a workshop in the spring of 2014, she knew immediately that this was a teacher she wanted to learn from. In the fall of 2014 she took the studio's 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course. Completing the course but not her journey to learn and teach, Jaclyn is excited for her future as a student first, and teacher second. She is grateful for her teachers and the opportunities they have given her, and hopes she can inspire her students they way she was, and still continues to be.

Hot Power Vinyasa Flow
Advanced: Students should have experience with beginner, all levels, and slow flow classes.
This class is structured by the principle of “one breath, one movement”. Vinyasa yoga focuses on linking your breath to your movement while safely moving through a powerful flow. Strength and precision is highlighted in this class, yet still keeping the integrity and safety of alignment. The constant flowing with breath is the perfect way to calm the mind and create heat in the body.

What I love about DTY: The students are dedicated to their yoga practice both on and off the mat.