Gina Wasserlein

Trainer to trainee, teacher to student, Gina's life clearly reflects a philosophy focused on a love of learning, a desire for personal growth and a need to help others along the way. Her professional career began in the fitness world, passed through the field of elementary school education and finally arrived at her true calling. Whether Gina found yoga, or yoga found Gina, we may never know. But the end result is Downtown Yoga.

Gina began her journey into the world of yoga, as many of us have, by watching a video, specifically a Bryan Kest video, given to her by her friend Dionne. After a few months, Gina felt the weight of her previous very physical world of fitness training lifted from her shoulders. She felt taller, lighter and happier than ever before. As always, Gina felt the need to share herself with others, so many forms of yoga teacher training followed.

Gina has taken teacher training courses at the Sivanada Vedanta Center in the Bahamas in 2002, the Yoga Sanctuary in Toronto with Cynthia Funk in 2003, as well as at the Center for Yoga in Michigan with Jonny Kest in 2004 and 2005. Personally, Gina both practices and teaches yoga six days a week. Having always followed her own path, Gina has never taught for anyone else and finally opened her own studio at Downtown Yoga in 2003. After practicing and teaching yoga for several years, the next leg of her journey took her beyond the physical realm of yoga and into the meditative side of the practice.

Beginning with the inspiration of a Bryan Kest video, Gina has changed her life into one in which she now inspires others to share her love-filled view of the world. A yoga class with Gina at Downtown Yoga is something that must be experienced, because it is very hard to describe. You leave feeling better about yourself. You leave feeling whole. You leave feeling better about the world around you. Every day, in every class she teaches, Gina invites us to join her on her never ending journey toward self-discovery and transformation.