Deepen Your Understanding

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The Great Teacher

Meditation is intended to purify the mind. It cleanses the thought process of what can be called psychic irritants, things like greed, hatred, and jealousy, which keep us snarled up in emotionalbondage. Meditation brings the mind to a state of tranquillity and awareness, a state of concentration and insight. It is the cleansing crucible fire that works slowly but surely, through understanding. The greater your understanding, the more flexible and tolerant, the more compassionate you can be.

There are no Mysore classes during Full Moon and New Moon dates.

In Ashtanga Yoga, we believe the moon has an influence on our bodies and energy levels. To conserve the tradition of the practice, promote healing, avoiding injury, we observe moon days as days of rest.
2016 moon days

Friday, September 30th
Sunday, October 16th
Sunday, October 30th
Monday, November 14th
Tuesday, November 29th
Tuesday, December 13th
Thursday, December 29th