DOWNTOWN YOGA STUDIO 200 hour Teacher Training Course

Do you want to deepen your practice? Would you like to share the benefits of yoga with others? Are you already a yoga teacher and would like to be reminded of some of the most important aspects of yoga to inspire your own practice and to inspire others?

DOWNTOWN YOGA STUDIO offers a 200-hr Teacher Training designed to assist and encourage you to bring out positive qualities that exist within you. Whether you want to teach or just take the course to learn more, this program will strengthen your ability to live a more consistent, proactive and peaceful life; and if you end up teaching it will be because of the pure passion that exudes from your heart to share this beautiful gift of yoga.

Gina Wasserlein-Peto has studied with many world renowned teachers for over 18 years and has taken several teacher training courses and workshops that have helped her develop her own unique teaching style. Her vision is one that allows this teacher training to not only give you the “required” teaching guidelines but more importantly this program teaches you about living your yoga off your mat and living your life with more intention and inspiration. Many people take this course for themselves and end up changing their minds and end up wanting to teach because of the self-transformation that happens within.

Personal Requirements

There is no specific number of days, months or years a student needs to have in relation to yoga to take this course. All that is required is a deep desire to learn and grow and a serious commitment to put effort into “something” that you love~ yourself & yoga.

For additional information and to receive an application, please contact Gina at

Learn How Mind Matters Most.

This weekend getaway will change the way you think and allow you to take time to let go of mental fatigue, and relax. You will come out of this recharged and motivated to live your life with more intention and gratitude.

This weekend away will give you the tools to recharge your batteries, clear your mind and give you the tools to live your life with more purpose, awareness and happiness.

This peaceful retreat will allow you start the New Year with a new perspective, positive energy and a renewed sense of self.

Date: January 20-22, 2017
Location: Holy Family Retreat House ( 40 min. from Windsor)
Cost: $245 plus HST
Price includes meals, accommodations, yoga classes and guided meditations.

Contact: Gina @ 519-890-9644 for additional information
Space is limited. Register online today.